Writers for Wildlife

WRITERS FOR WILDLIFE is a program of Musefly Writing Studio, where I frequently run campaigns to raise funds for various non-profit organizations worldwide. 10% of all my earnings are donated to selected organizations for ongoing biodiversity and conservation protections or emergency relief efforts. Your support of my writing classes, workshops, consultations, and books not only helps a child or adult grow their writing skills but also helps threatened and endangered species across the planet.

Me with Denali, a wolf.


Organizations that have received donations from me in 2017:

Sierra Club (to help in the Hurricane Harvey recovery efforts)

Wolf Conservation Center (to support wolf recovery in the United States)

Defenders of Wildlife (to support their efforts in protecting endangered species worldwide)

International Rhino foundation (to help threatened rhino populations in the wild)

Sea Shepherd (to support marine wildlife conservation)

Center for Wildlife (to support the efforts of this local wildlife rehabilitation facility)

If you would prefer to make a direct donation to my fundraising page, please visit Panda Nation – Writers for Wildlife where 100% of your donation will be used by World Wildlife Fund to protect the earth and its species.

You can find updates on my fundraising campaigns by following #WritersforWildlife on Twitter and Facebook.


Thank you for your incredible support!