Students’ Writing

Musefly Writing Studio hosted a writing competition for its students in April 2017. The requirements were to write a pro-wolf story in honor of Save El Lobo Week with a 250-word count maximum. Below are some entries submitted by students of Woodman Park School in Dover, NH. Feel free to leave a comment in the box below to encourage and support our young writers.


LONE WOLF by Caleb B. and Nate B.

It was a dark gray night, and Kasin was prowling around looking for scraps of food to eat. One thing you should know is that Kasin is a wolf.

Kasin came across a little bunny. Kasin jumped out of the shadows and pounced on the bunny. “Don’t eat me!” cried the bunny.

“Why should I spare your life?” questioned Kasin.

“Because I shall grant you the power to disappear into thin air.”

“Fine. Deal. But if you’re lying, I will eat you!”

“Oh, sir, I’m not lying,” said the bunny. “My name is Nibbles. Just howl and you’re gone.”


Later that day, Kasin was trying out his new power. “Owwwoooo! Ow ow owooooo!”


What was that? Wondered invisible Kasin. He sprinted off to find out what it was.


“Ha! Ego got Rabbit! Ego also wound rabbit!”

“That must be Nibbles,” growled Kasin. The invisible wolf got as close as could and let out a big growl.

“Huh? Wha?” said a confused Ego.

When Kasin saw Nibbles wounded on the ground, he pounced on Ego and scratched his eye. “Whaaa! Ego get boo-boo! Mommy, get the bambages,” screamed Ego in a baby voice. He ran into the woods sucking his thumb.

Kasin walked over to Nibbles. “Are you okay?”

“Yes, thank you,” replied Nibbles.

“Come on, let’s go.”

“It seems you learned your power,” said Nibbles as they walked away and they lived happily ever after.


“Hi. I’m a wolf. Call me Pete. Say, have you read “Little Red Riding Hood”? Because that‘s the wrong story. You should fire the people who wrote that story. I’m not the villain here. Let me tell you the real story.”

Once, when I was making cupcakes I got a call from Bob the Husky who lives across the street. He asked me to come to his house at 4pm.

When I got there, he asked me to capture Red and her grandma then bring them to him. “But they are my friends,’’ I said.

“If you do it I’ll give you whatever you want,” he said.

I went to go find Red. Once I found her she was happy to see me. When I asked her where her grandma is she said she was visiting her sister across the world. So we hopped on a plane to bring her back to the forest. I felt guilty.

After I flew back with Red and Grandma, I was almost out of the forest with them when I saw Bob. He saw Red and Grandma. He ate Grandma before I could say “Noooo!”

Red started to cry and I told Bob what happens if someone does that to his best friend. Bob felt ashamed and apologized to Red. Bob thanked me and promised he would never eat people again and ran off. Then I tried to make Red feel better.

This is the true story of “Little Red Riding Hood.” Please believe me.


MOLLY AND THE WATERFALL–All About Wolves by Samantha P.

You may think wolves are bad animals. From stories like Little Red Riding Hood or Beauty and the Beast, but they are really intelligent animals. Sure, they kill to eat. Think of it this way: if there were no meat eaters on Earth and only plant eaters, the plant eaters would eat all the plants on the earth, and with no meat eaters eating the plant eaters, we’d run out of plants so fast that the plant eaters would die of starvation!

Now, on with the story.

Molly, a wolf, is up on a rock, the same rock she was on when her parents died. It all happened so fast. The bear was mad for something her parents did. When Molly and the rest of the pack had returned, they found her parents lying on the ground.

Molly waited, hoping that her parents would come back, but they never did. Colin, the pack leader, said it was because they passed away. She needed to move on. Other families in the pack would take care of her.

Molly thought that Colin was wrong. Her parents did not pass away. They were killed. They didn’t pass away. “Can … can … I stay in my own cave, the one that I was already living in? Then have my new family just bring me food?”

“OK,” said Colin. “But someone has to teach you how to hunt.”

“I will teach myself.”

Since that day, Molly would go for a run. This helped her every year when the wolves raced each other. Now that she was sixteen, Molly was the second fasted wolf in the pack. She knew that if you are the fastest wolf then you are the pack leader.

Colin always beat her by an inch or a split second. Every time he made it to the finish line before her, and she got so mad. This year was worse than ever because a cloud of dust went up and blurred her vision, causing her to be the last one.

She’d lost the race, and while she was on the rock, thinking about losing the race, she could hear the sound of a waterfall.


It was a storm and no one was around except for the snarling wolves. Flare was there with her pack. “Go out!”

“Yes, leader!” said the soldiers.

Flare had a big scar across her eye and big scratch on her back for good luck in battles. She sniffed up…hunters…move out or fight?

Blue stood up. “We must fight!”

“Blue!” Flare barked and growled. “Please come down!”

Blaze came out of the shadows. “We should send out the strongest in the pack.”

“Yes!” The yell came from the back of the pack. Flare raced to the soldiers in the back and came face to face with Clang.

“I want to fight for our pack,” he growled.

“But you could get killed by those hunters. We’ll all go together!”

The wolves went to fight the hunters. It was a tough fight, but they won. Sadly the queen was gone. She died when one of the hunters disguised as a star and poisoned her which put her to sleep. The pack was very sad and when they returned home, they made plans for revenge.



Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Petal and she was running an errand for her mother. She found a mystery in the woods and decided that should take the parth. On the other side of the wood, she found a big wolf cave and climbed in. Petal found three bowls of rabbit soup. The first one was too cold. The second one was too hot but the last one was just right. Then she felt tired and tried to fiind a nice cozy place to sleep. Petal found three beds, but the first one was too hard, and the second one was too soft, but the last one was just right. She fell asleep at last.

Just then the wolves came home and found the soup bowls empty. They found Petal asleep in their beds. They started to nibble at her toes. She popped up and hopped away. They never saw Petal again. But when Petal got home she was in BIG trouble because she disobeyed her mother. She was punished but besides that, Petal and the wolves lived happily ever after.



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