Begin Your Story Plan – lesson 2

Hello Writers!

How is your story plan coming along?

For your second week, you should still be compiling and scribbling down ideas. You don’t want to commit to your first ideas until you are sure you’ve thought of every possibility. This is important because:

-you want to make sure you can properly end your story (an ending where there are no loose threads or unanswered questions).

-you want to choose the most engaging and interesting events to keep the story going.

-you do not want to be predictable (and first ideas generally tend to be obvious and predictable).


A fun way to gather your ideas to see how they all might work together is to create a “writing web.”

Here’s how to do it:

On a blank sheet of paper, write the story problem in the middle. Then, around that, write down all of the ideas that come to mind when you think about the story problem. You can use lines to connect ideas together.

Now, write down details about each of those ideas. You want to layer your web, going from major plot + character ideas and working your way down to ideas that are all about small details + descriptions.

Use a writing web to help you brainstorm and discover your story ideas. For more tips on how to write a story visit

Don’t worry! You are not committed to anything you put in your writing web. In fact, this is a great way to see if the ideas you have could actually work, as well as places where you need to add information. If you run out of room on your writing web, just continue it onto more pieces of paper. You can clip them all together to help you keep track of everything.

If you decide that you’ve written some ideas in your web that you don’t like, just cross them out and replace them with other ideas. If you have to start a brand-new writing web, go for it, but DO NOT throw away the webs that aren’t working. Just put a sticky note on the web that says “Changed my mind about this” and then tuck it away in the back of your journal or notebook, or in a separate folder.

The reason you don’t want to throw anything away is that those ideas could end up working after all OR they could be potential ideas for another story!

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Have a writerly week!


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